“A Flight In Time”

Bob Campbell’s fascinating documentary on the 50-year history of the Memphis Belle is now available to watch online.

Meet the celebrated crew and witness the saga of the Memphis Belle as it unfolds in the PBS documentary “A Flight in Time.”

We’re grateful for the contribution, courtesy of WKNO, Bob Campbell and the Bijou Productions team.

WKNO Presents: “A Flight In Time: the Memphis Belle Story”

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In 1993, under the auspices of WKNO, a PBS affiliate, Mr. Bob Campbell and Mr. Donofrio created the documentary “A Flight in Time”. This was designed to cover the life of the airplane and crew up to that time. Using wartime documentary film, depictions of the status of the airplane in Memphis, work done on it while in Memphis, and visits of her wartime crew, a comprehensive story of that period in the life of the “Memphis Belle” emerges. Included are the only known post war video oral histories of the crew as well as a historic fly over of seven B-17s assembled to honor the “Memphis Belle” and her crew. The crew interviews are enlightening as well as sobering.

Work is underway to revise the film with restored 4K Wyler film as well as reediting and updating with later pertinent information.

We are grateful for the contribution of the PBS documentary “A FLIGHT IN TIME,” Courtesy of WKNO, Bob Campbell and the Bijou Productions team.